Leilani Marie Beauchamp was born June 12, 2002, in Long Beach California.

Where did Leilani Live:
Leilani made friends and shared her love in many communities during her short life. Growing up with her parents, Onyx & Violet, and her younger siblings, Anthony and Sierrah, Leilani lived a majority of her younger years in El Dorado Hills, followed by a year in Folsom, California, then 3 years in Monterey, California, followed by (6) months in Roseville prior to living and attending San Jose community college.

Leilani grew up in El Dorado Hills and attended Silva Valley High School for her elementary years, Rolling Hills School for her middle school and during her High School years she attended Oak Ridge High in El Dorado Hills, followed by Folsom High in Folsom and and graduated Carmel Valley High in Carmel, Ca.

Upon graduation, Leilani began furthering her education by attending Monterey Peninsula Community College, followed by Sacramento River City College and most recently San Jose Community College where she was working to complete her Degree in Arts as well as get her Cosmetology License.

Her Goals:
Leilani’s dream was to use her artful talent to help people feel beautiful, not only on the inside, but the outside as well. Having a passion in this arena, she worked hard at the art of makeup, hair and nails. She consistently would practice on her Mom, sister and close friends. Her goals included opening a boutique beauty salon with an emphasis on dermatology and helping people with skin care.

Leilani was not a young woman to be placed in a box. On the outside, her hobbies did not always appear to fit her personality, but those close to her, understood her.

– She loved spending time with her younger brother and sister. If it wasn’t walking with them down to the beach, or to Chipotle, it was taking them shopping and spending her every last penny to see them smile.
– Movies and theme parks were a family adventure she always encouraged. She was always full of energy (as long as it was after 2p) and never wanted the fun to stop.
– She would spend hours in her room doing makeup, drawing fashion clothing and putting on nails so long that it seemed impossible for her to pick up coins or put her debit card in an atm!
– Cars always played a role in her young life. We believe it was most likely her younger brother, at the young age of about 6, who probably turned her onto the hobby. Ever since, she has attended car shows, had pictures taken with cars and in her final days, loved going to car shows with her friends all over the Sacramento, Bay and Carmel area. Anytime she heard the loud roar from an exhaust on a rat rod, turbo on a sports car or saw a shiny restored classic, it was “Bro, did you see that ride!”