Leilani Marie Beauchamp

Leilani Beauchamp, age 19, died tragically young on October 30, 2021. 

Leilani was pursuing her degree in Arts in San Jose California. She loved art, music and design. She desired to study and work in the field of cosmetology.   Her fun and adventurous spirt planned  to develop  a YouTube video channel about green houses. She dreamed about traveling to faraway lands. She was uncertain about many things at her young age, but she wasted no time trying out anything she could to gain experience. She was fearless and determined. 

She believed that a woman  could do anything her heart dreamed of if they wanted it bad enough and  believed the world had endless possibilities. 

Her adventurous spirt had skydiving among the items on her wish list.  Of late, she was planning to bring her brother Anthony to Great America.  She loved to dress up and dance with her little sister Sierrah.   Having a brave heart, Leilani  was fearless and without hesitation, she protected her brother Anthony and little sister Sierrah as their big sister. 

Leilani was a determined young woman and a great negotiator.   She had a huge heart and accepted everyone regardless of religion, racial ethnicity or sexual orientation.  She would feed a homeless person and give them the last penny she had.  Without pause, she would take you into her home to help you, if you needed it, even if she did not have the means to do so.  She always thought about others first before herself.    In a way,  she was very innocent as she never imagined anyone being cruel or wanting to hurt her.  There was no room in her heart to judge others or to hurt anyone so she never imagined anyone could hurt her. 

Leilani is survived by her family — mother, father, step dad, grandparents, great grandparents. Most of all she is survived by her brother Anthony, age 15,  who adored her as she adored him and  her sister Sierrah, age 6, who considered Leilani her best friend and mentor.

The family is  planning a Celebration of Life to be held in Sacramento County.  There will be postings,  updates and details on her website.