Nov 15, 2021

I met Leilani in middle school elective class. We had alot of good laughs walking around campus at Rolling Hills, she was silly, funny, contagious laugh and just a real good spirit to be around. I remember chatting with her out front of her house on Kensingston and her dad walking outside which I panicked and ran into a bush and then came out and shook his hand. I was a grade above so after middle school I saw her once at Oak Ridge and a party 2 years later in El Dorado Hills. I happened to reach out to Leilani about a month ago and it was beyond sad to hear what happened. I lost my mom two months ago to alcoholism and these type of things really make it hard for all of us in the family to get through. Senseless and the feeling of our person being stolen and that’s the hardest part to get over. I pray for you to come to a peace of mind at the end of the day, I know it comes in waves and you don’t know what the next day will be like. God bless to you all from one grieving heart to another. Leilani was and is a star. All the best.

By Anon